11-21-2009 Meeting Minutes Print

Grave Concerns Workgroup Meeting Minutes
November 21, 2009

As people gathered for the day's meeting, everyone had an opportunity to identify celebrations for the year. The page was left up all day so people could continue to add to the list. At the end of the day, the following items were listed as noteworthy:


Laurel Lemke
Spontaneous community involvement
Mt. View Cemetery Helpers
Premier Memorial
TNT Article (Kathleen Merryman)
All around the world (Rachel LaCorte, Associated Press)
Water & Electricity
Dove Release
First Veteran
Casa Mia Event with+/ $650 donations
Many Stones
US Army helpers
Patients Catering
WSH Historical
Greater Puget Sound Consumer Coalition
Mental Health Transformation project funding
Civil War Re-enactor
KOMO TV coverage by Luke Duecy


There was also a flip chart page posted for people to put ideas for projects. At the end of the day, these ideas were moved and listed under the committee they will be completed by.


These ideas included:


  • Media Tracker & Manager
  • Gravesite Info release policy development
  • Blog
  • Fan Page for Face book (Lorna Gifford 253 686-3506
  • Modern Woodman matching funds fund raiser Lorna Gifford

On-going fundraising idea from Allan Bornstine 253-474-1065: Having a website for grave concerns Assoc. through World Ventures www.bigalbornstine.worldventures.biz to have a constant way of raising money for the Grave Concerns Association.


The meeting began with an introductory exercise that outlined people's involvement with Grave Concerns and identifying their strengths. The following chart reflects each person's strengths that were reported (spoken) and what was interpreted by the facilitator (unspoken).



Strengths (unspoken)


Michael Hardie

Understands Recovery
Involved in consumer movement

Staying Balanced
Computer skills

Karen Long

Good listener and note taker
Understands mental illness & recovery

Good organizer of documents & Paperwork
Detail oriented

David Riggs

Understands people and grief

Knows cemetery work
Good listener

Dan Lasham

Management Skills
Looks for ways to help

Service Oriented
Overall supportive
Facilitate help
Provides resources

Carol Slaughter

Trained in proper protocol

Big Van
Loves the cemetery

Lorna Gifford


Well known

Rosemary Chaput

Honorable actions
Respect for the past

Loves parties, cooking & organizing

Allen Bornstine

Loves Lorna
Personal understanding of the power of a headstone
Customer service skills

Crafty & artistic
Knows how to connect

Henrietta (Henry) Schwartzentrub

Learning & Service oriented

Recruiter to the cause
Knows facebook


Personal appreciation for people not being a number

Good Worker

Laurel Lemke

Has big picture vision
Knows how to ask
Willing to act

Collecting People
Great ideas
Good delegator

Laurie Sterling

Helps Laurel

Detail Oriented

Stuart Latovica


History Buff
Good Talkers
Social Networker
Idea Person


At this time, after the committee members knew each other and their strengths better, they began to identify the goals of the Grave Concerns committee and prioritize the work that needed to be done. Laurel Lemke gave a presentation slide show and outlined the work the work that had been accomplished to date. This then led to a conversation where member looked at what goals still needed to be achieved and what was needed to achieve them. The basic goals were broken into the following three categories:






2,500 grave head stones

update kiosk

Lawn care

(80% of the effort and the budget will be spent on this goal alone)


Marker settling/heaving





Things needed to help achieve our goals
  • Shovel
  • Pick Axe
  • Pitch Fork
  • Media tracker database
  • Volunteer database
  • Donor Database
  • Data entry volunteer
  • Military service tracker
  • Celebration planner


Each goal is comprised of the following steps: - Plan Ask Do Play Tell 
This chart breaks down all of the actions needed for each step of each goal.






Flag Pole



Apply to parks dept.

Call Dave for proper marker planting process

Choose which markers

Coordinate volunteers

Name list edited

Names list printed & Laminated

Proposal & negotiate with Parks Dept.

Order 15 benches for around the perimeter & slab

Proposal to Parks Dept


Outreach for help


Picnic tables



Tent & tarps




Put together teams


Create a process handout for each team


Nov. 24th Post

June 12

Clear & Prep site for bench delivery


Annual picnic   June

Kick off party

Documentary premiere

9/11 memorial BBQ


Pre/Post press release


Web alert

Press release

Web alert


Press release

Web Alert


Press release

Web alert



As we went through each goal and broke it down into smaller segments, overall organizational committees were identified as being needed. Based on the strengths identified during the morning, it was fairly easy to match the committees with people who were well suited and willing to help facilitate or chair that committee. The committee chair is not expected to do all the work for that committee. The chair's job is to identify the goals for the committee, facilitate to work, recruit volunteers and work closely with other committee chairs to help achieve the overall basic goals of the association.


The board members and committee chairs are listed below. It should be noted that, as the president of the association, Laurel Lemke is a member of each committee.


Board Members

President Laurel Lemke
Vice President Carol
Treasurer Laurie (replacing Rosemary Chapu)
Secretary Karen


  • Board €œto do list:

Review the Bylaws
Communicate with the members
Create job position descriptions


Committees, Projects & Chairs

Volunteer Management Michael Hardie
Project: Data base


Event Planning Rosemary Chaput
Project: January proposal for flag pole


Historian Stuart Lastovica
Ursula Scott (not present) has begun organizing scrapbook


Publicity Laurie Sterling
Project: Media Tracker & manager;
Blog set up;
Fan Page for Face book (Lorna Gifford (253) 686-3506) will help

Research Carol Slaughter
Military; non-military & perimeter
Project: Develop Graveside information release policy


Fundraising Lorna Gifford
Projects: Modern Woodman matching funds fund raiser Lorna Gifford
On-going fundraising idea from Allan Bornstine 253-474-1065: Having a website for grave concerns Assoc. through World Ventures www.bigalbornstine.worldventures.biz to have a constant way of raising money for the Grave Concerns Association

Once the goals, tasks and committees were identified, the tasks were then placed on the 2010 calendar.


Grave Concerns Association 2010 Calendar

January 11 Board meeting
Proposal to the parks dept. for the flagpole

February Board meeting

March 20 Kick off party

April 24 DIG (Marker Installation)
Park Appreciation Day
Kiosk updated

May 22 DIG (Marker Installation)
Perimeter party

June 12 Flag Pole installation

July Board Meeting

August Board meeting

September 11 Board Meeting
Bench Installation
Dove Release

October 16 DIG (Marker Installation)
Make A Difference Day

November 15 Election of Officers
Annual Meeting

December no activity


The meeting also featured a demonstration of the website www.wshgraveconcerns.org Funding for the website was provided by the Greater Puget Sound Consumer Coaliton grant from the Mental Health Transformation Grant.

It was announced that a prospective sponsorship from OptumHealth Public Sector would be used to cover the costs of this meeting and fund extensive marker replacement in 2010.

The meeting was facilitated and documented by Mary Jadwisiask, who has a training and consulting business: MTAC. Notes were reviewed and documented by Laurel Lemke, Chair, Grave Concerns Association.

A very positive outcome of the meeting was an offer of technical support by Mountain View Cemetery staff David Riggs and Dan Lasham. They hope to provide additional equipment on the days of our installations.

Members/liasons) who were not able to attend the meeting included

Richard Chiaravolloti
Kim Gorder
Beckie Huber, Lakewood Historic Association
Joe Lewis, Historic Fort Steilacoom Association
Michael Masuraravi, Christ Lutheran Church
Ursula Scott
Jim Senko