10-15-2012 meeting Minutes Print

Grave Concerns Association

Minutes October 15, 2012



Laurel Lemke, Carol Slaughter, Carla Wutz, Joe Lewis, Jerry Knutson, Meredith Flamme, and Rosemary Chaput (by telephone)



Becky Huber, Henrietta Schwartzentraub, Chris Wolport, Kris Reisinger, April Prey, Michael Hardie, Geoff Piper.


Approval of Agenda: Approved by all.


Approval of Minutes: Approved by Carol


President’s Report:

Northern State Hospital (NSH) had their 100th anniversary on September 15, 2012. They had a museum display on the buildings, famous people who visited there, and they also had real life events that occurred in relation to NSH time line.


Judy Torfin at Northern State Hospital wants to form a cemetery association there.


Oregon State Museum?? in Salem has different rooms with different exhibits. Oregon mental facility has only ashes. Families are encouraged to claim them. Grave Concerns Association assisted them in making names public. Laurel requested she be paid for her transportation. Moved by Carol. Seconded by Carla.


Alternatives Conference Laurel from Wednesday, Oct 10 to Sun, October 14, 2012. GCA paid conference fee,   $425. Laurel covered transportation and stayed with friends. . GCA paid for hotel, etc.


Grave Concerns Association has lost their non-profit status due to paperwork being filled out with a Post Office Box. The paperwork will have to be redone.


Grave Concerns Association should register as a charity, and then we can officially ask for money.


Treasurer’s Report:

Savings                 10,051.34

Checking                6,613.05



Grave Concerns Association still needs to pay $200.00 to Fort Steilacoom; and $425.00 to Laurel for her trip to Salem.


Grave Concerns Association received $118 from PeaceOut.



Vice Chair’s Report:

Carol has ordered between 28-30 stones. These are the stones that were not received in April or May.


Melanie and Carol noticed two rails down on the fence. Parks may be able to put it back in place. Jerry will check on them and see if it is that post  may be rotten. Home Depot /Lowes has replacement posts and/or rails.


Volunteer Coordinator:

Michael Hardie would like to pass this position on to someone else. Henrietta Schwartzentrub has agreed to be the next Volunteer Coordinator.


Old Business:

April Prey is working on Lodging Tax brochure. She will meet with Laurel on Monday, October 22, 2012, and they both with proof the brochure.


New Business:

Database: Because of going to school, Carla delayed the proofing with Patti. If Patti is not available, she willl try to get someone from Goodwill. This last statement was not made at the meeting. Carla thought of it later.


Archives Committee: Patricia Lee is helping keep Laurel on track.


Secretary: Temporary Carla Wutz.


Treasurer: we need one.


Publicity: 474 on Facebook. Laurel has also been posting information on N.W. Seeds of Change statewide peer website.


October 27, 2012, Carla will find the stones in the morning the day of the dig; 1 or 2 families are coming; high school kids showing at 9:00; stones in, hopefully, by 11:15 to 11:30 a.m. Can Mountain View supply a pop-up? GCA has a pop-up but might need an extra pop-up due to weather. Can Yvette or Patricia sing? Is Pastor Johnson or Sister Peg available for service? One pop-up can cover each family grave and the other on the cement slab. Who will bring water? Rosemary & Laurel will discuss this later.



October 27, 2012, planning


Markers 28-30

Lots of kids—high school kids dedicated to us

Can Mountain View print program? (Geoff Piper)



Becky Huber not available, however, at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church there is a presentation by Lakewood Historical Society on the History of Medical Care in the Lakewood Area on Tuesday, October, 16, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.



Joe Lewis—Quarters 2 painted outside. Contractor donated interior paint. Paint brand Rodda.


On Sunday, November 18, 2012, at 2:00 p.m. Joe will be interviewing four historical re-enactors. They will include Alexander, Kautz, Casey, and on other. He is currently working on his questions.


Jim Senko—return art work.


Stand Up For Mental Health is being held on October 26, 2012, at Tacoma Community College Theatre, at 7:00 p.m.  Reception/potluck to follow at TACID.


National Alliance on Mental Illness Walk is also on October 27.  Moved by Carol to give $50.00; seconded by Carla.  Passed to give donation in honor of Oscar Peterson.


November 17, 2012, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Annual Meeting.

Celebrate Successes.

Set goals and plan next year.

Video 22 minutes “Library of Dust”

Pot luck—brunch—Carol organizing




Veggie Platter

Bottled water—Meredith

Meat Platter

Cheese Platter—Joe

Napkins & plates—Carol



DVD in Quarters 4; room for 12 – 15 people, Joe will check on this.


In the next month this is a list of what we will be doing:

Carla—proofing with Patti or someone.

Carol—picking up stones for October 27 and organizing food for November 17.

Laurel/Patricia—keep Laurel on track.

Jerry—will check on fence rails and see if new post is needed.

Meredith—clam digging.

Joe—Audio visual equipment for 11/17/2012.





Next Meeting:  Date and Location:

Annual Meeting held on November 17, 2012; at Fort Steilacoom Quarters 2; from 10:00 until 1:00 p.m.




Minutes prepared by

Carla Wutz