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Contact Laurel Lemke via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 253-761-7533.

A $50.00 donation allows us to order from Premier Memorials. Please contact us even if you are unable to donate at this time. Fundraising and donations above the cost of markers allows us to purchase markers.

There is a small cemetery on hospital ground where the town people of the area where buried when the area was still Fort Steilacoom.


The historic patient cemetery is located on the site of the former hospital farm, which is now Fort Steilacoom Park. The cemetery is across the road from the former dairy barn, it is adjacent to the off leash dog park.

The cemetery was in use from 1876 to 1953, since then any burials have been elsewhere.

The Eastern State Hospital cemeteries were uncovered about nine years ago, they were the legacy of the former volunteer coordinator. GCA has been contacted by a few individuals who have been interested in doing more, but we do not know whether they have organized.

The cemetery at the former Northern State Hospital was covered by ground and planted with wild flowers in the early 1990s. A high school project installed a brick wall memorial at the site.